Latest Trends In Dentistry

Trends put a spotlight on something new, not just from an individual standpoint, but on a macro level also.Without trends, we would have a routine of sameness. Trends help us to understand in which direction a particular field is heading.

Some of the latest trends in Dentistry are as follows:

Emotional Dentistry

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In recent years a lot of effort has been given to improve the convenience of patients in dentistry. This has led to the development of emotional dentistry.

It is a set of techniques and approaches focusing on the mental aspect of the patient who is about to undergo or undergoing dental procedures.

Now, patients can have virtual mock ups and digital photos created to help them envision what they would look like once a procedure is finished. This helps the patients put their fears to rest and gives them the needed confidence to undergo such procedures. More importantly, it makes them committed to the procedure as they have seen the virtual mock-up of the final result.

Patients can even experiment with different smiles and shapes for their teeth before undergoing a procedure, which gives them different options before deciding on their final look.

3D Printing 


Over the last few years 3D printing materials has taken the world by storm, it has influenced many industries, and the dental industry is no exception.

Using this technology, we can significantly reduce cost and save time, compared to high costs and wasted time often associated with the production process of crowns, veneers, aligners, etc. 

The great thing about 3D printing is that it doesn’t just benefit the patient, but also the doctors. There is a significant advantage in a practice obtaining an in-house 3D printer as it no longer needs to rely on third-party labs to develop products. The dentist can just create them in-house, which helps save money over time, as you just need a specialist handling the machine rather than an entire company or lab.

Unicorn DenMart has a range of high quality 3d printers from Next dent and Phrozen, to make sure your dental practice is up to date with the latest trends and innovation.

Artificial Intelligence 


A.I has grown & is being constantly integrated into a lot of industries. The dental industry has leveraged this technology by implementing artificial intelligence into the process of handling patient’s data. It can be from data related to treatment history to patient reviews. In short, AI is mainly used to handle data relating to patients or the clinic.

This helps dentists efficiently handle their patients. It also helps them keep up to date on relevant patient patterns which can help in the treatment of patients.

Use of Management Tools


Management tools are specialized software that can help a dentist to simplify his life by automatically notifying and confirming appointments with patients. It can also help with scheduling social media posts and other digital marketing efforts. Management software can handle these tasks for a dentist so they can focus on their main job. 

The management software also handles a host of functions such as follow-up calls, etc.

Patients can create an online profile with the help of management software, so they can sign up and book appointments or even pay online, making their lives and the lives of dentist’s a lot easier.

Laser Technology

Continuous advancements in Laser technology have created an exciting trend in the dental industry, owing to its various and unique applications. It can be used in teeth whitening, removing lesions and tooth decay, altering the shape of the gums, removing bacteria in root canals and a host of other functions.

When the laser is used in dental procedures, blood loss is reduced, there is less damage to the patient’s gum, which means the healing time is significantly improved.

Dental Laser is a boon for both the dentist and the patient. Depending upon a clinic’s requirement Unicorn DenMart has a wide range of lasers from Biolase.


For a dentist it is important to know the latest trends and stay up to date with the current innovations, so as to provide better care for his patients.

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