Importance Of Implant Motor In Dental Implants Insertion To Restore Aesthetics

Aesthetics in dentistry means the beautification of the smile. Missing teeth can severely affect daily life. When one or more teeth are gone, the confidence to smile is compromised if they are the front teeth, and chewing becomes challenging if they are the back teeth.

The primary goal of aesthetic dentistry is to enhance the smile, its overall beauty, shape, or align the teeth in their position. When it comes to the technique or approaches to achieve the aesthetically pleasing smile, the most commonly available and successful procedure is the dental implant procedure.


Dental implants are the best restorative permanent solution to rebuilding the form and function of the dentition.

Implants – the best way to restore aesthetics:

The dental implant is a prosthetic component delivered through a surgical process. It enables dentists to restore one or more lost teeth without harming the dentition that still exists. The Dental implant is a procedure that replaces a tooth root with metal, screw-like post and replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function like real ones. This offers a permanent solution for replacing a missing tooth and thus gives a natural tooth-like appearance.

Why dental implant is the best solution for missing teeth?


Dental implants are designed in such a way that their look, feel and function are similar to that of natural teeth. Implants give patients confidence to smile, eat and engage in social meets without worrying about how they look or if they were denture wearers, the fear of it getting loose. Also if proper dental care is taken, implants last as long as conventional restorations on teeth with predictable outcomes.

For the implant to be placed in the jaw bone, the hole which has to be drilled is prepared with a physiodispenser. These dental implantology motors are indispensable electrical devices in process of implant placement. Of course, the choice of which motor suits a dentist is a personal choice.

What are the benefits of using an Implant motor?

A dental implant motor also known as a physiodispenser helps in maintaining constant torque and speed for effortless & precise implant placement.


Good torque value aids in better drilling of the bone without causing any tissue necrosis or bony fractures.

Precise cutting

This motor has a specific controlled speed and torque value which provides accurate drilling of the jaw bone. Its specific programs aid in the precise dental implant placement as per its length & width.

Patient comfort

Because of the integrated programs for each step of dental implant placement, a faster surgical procedure can be done. The use of the foot control aids in the added advantage of aseptic operation. Hence patient comfort is greatly increased.

Woodpecker DTE Implant X:

Woodpecker Surgery X

It’s an imported Swiss motor with GRW German Bearing in the handpiece for high precision implant placement. It’s a lightweight motor with high clinical performance. The torque output is stable as the contra-angle is stable, this reduces fatigue for the clinician. The LED motor enables easy visibility inside the oral cavity. Its external mute peristaltic pump aids in more efficient operation & prolonging the life of the equipment. It’s very user-friendly and comes with a wide touch screen & 8-step guiding tool for a faster treatment procedure.

Looking at the various advantages Woodpecker DTE Implant motor seems to be a reliable partner for high-precision dental implanting treatment.


Rehabilitating or replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant should be performed accurately as aesthetics is critical for an individual. The success of the aesthetic outcome mostly relies on the enhancement of the implant-specific methods through the use of an implant motor as well as the design and technological implementation. Woodpecker DTE Implant X physiodispenser is a reliable choice for dentists in India.

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