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NSK Endomate DT Endomotor

NSK Endo Mate DT Endomotor

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NSK Endo Mate TC2 Endomotor

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Woodpecker Endoradar Pro

Woodpecker Endo Smart Plus Enodmotor

Woodpecker Endo Free Endomotor

Endo Smart Endomotor

Endo Smart

During endodontic therapy, an endomotor device is utilised to biomechanically prepare the root canal so that it may accept gutta-percha during obturation. Dental endomotors are less time-consuming, have improved precision, and help to keep the canal shape while lowering the chance of procedural errors. Endodontists can now use modern endo motors with reciprocation modes and auto-reverse functions to make their procedures easier. Apex locators are built into a few endomotors, which aid in effective and safe biomechanical preparation during endodontic therapy. Unicorn Denmart deals with endomotor from renowned global brands like NSK & Woodpecker.

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