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Woodpecker DTE DPEX V Apex Locator

Woodpecker DTE DPEX V Apex Locator


A 5th-generation apex locator with the anti-interference ability for effective working length determination. It is more stable & shows more accurate readings than x-ray films. This apex locator is perfect for measuring the working length without fluctuation even in the presence of blood, saliva, water, pus, or residual pulp due to multifrequency technology.

Woodpecker DTE DPEX V Apex Locator
Woodpecker DTE DPEX V Apex Locator
Woodpecker DTE DPEX V Apex Locator

Key Highlights

Advanced Anti-Interference Technology: The Dpex V, a cutting-edge 6th generation apex locator, offers superior anti-interference capabilities for reliable working length determination, outperforming traditional x-ray methods with its stability and accuracy.

Multifrequency Technology: Equipped with multifrequency technology, the Dpex V ensures accurate readings under various clinical conditions, including the presence of fluids like blood and saliva, thereby enhancing endodontic treatment precision.

Consistent Across Tooth Types: Its measurements remain unaffected by tooth variability, providing a versatile solution for accurate working length determination across all tooth types.

Enhanced Accuracy and Ease of Use: Featuring unparalleled accuracy and a multi-color LCD display with an alarm function, the Dpex V simplifies the endodontic process, making it ideal for handling complex cases and weeping canals effectively.

Designed for Complex Cases: Its design and technology ensure flawless performance even in challenging scenarios, supported by components designed for hygiene and a special feature to address dry canals’ needs.

Components and Maintenance: Includes Measuring Wire, File Clips, Lip Hooks, Touch Probe, and Tester. Note: The measuring wire is disinfected with medical alcohol for safety.

Technical Specification

ProductDpex V 6th Generation Apex Locator
TechnologyAdvanced Anti-Interference
AccuracyMore stable and accurate than x-ray films
Multifrequency TechnologyAccurate reading in presence of blood, saliva, or pulp
Tooth Type ImpactMeasurement not affected by tooth type
Accuracy AdvantageMore accurate than traditional working length determination
DisplayMulti-color LCD with alarm function
Special FeatureConsistent measurements even in weeping canals
Components IncludedMeasuring wire (1), File Clip (2), Lip Hook (2), Touch Probe (1), Tester (1)
Maintenance of WireDisinfect with medical alcohol (non-autoclavable)
Dry Canal IndicationIndicates when canal is too dry, suggesting need for irrigation
Device StructureSimple, compact design
Generational AdvantageNo deviation in presence of residual pulp or weeping canals

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Yes, the Dpex V is equipped with multifrequency technology, ensuring accurate readings even in challenging conditions like blood, saliva, pulp, or other fluids. This feature enhances the precision of endodontic treatments.


The Dpex V is designed to perform flawlessly in the presence of challenging conditions, including weeping canals. Its multifrequency technology ensures consistent and accurate readings, making it ideal for a wide range of endodontic scenarios, including complex cases.


The components included with the Dpex V are Measuring Wire (1 Qty), File Clip (2 Qty), Lip Hook (2 Qty), Touch Probe (1 Qty), and Tester (1 Qty). The measuring wire cannot be autoclaved but can be disinfected using medical alcohol to ensure hygiene and safety.

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