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UV Chamber with 12 SS trays

UV Chamber with 12 SS trays


The new style UV Chamber is a compact and efficient solution for maintaining the sterility of dental instruments. Utilizing high-quality UV-C technology, this chamber effectively eradicates microorganisms, ensuring the instruments remain sterilized and ready for use. Designed specifically for dental practices, it offers a blend of safety, effectiveness, and durability.

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Key Highlights

High-Quality Phillips UV-C Tube:

The chamber is equipped with a high-quality Phillips UV-C tube, boasting a long life of 8000 hours. This ensures consistent and effective germicidal irradiation over an extended period, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Safety Enhanced with Magnetic Strip Door Lock:

A magnetic strip door lock with an auto-cut-off facility is integrated for enhanced safety. This feature ensures that the UV-C radiation is contained within the chamber, protecting users from direct exposure.

Stainless Steel Reflectors for Increased Intensity:

The chamber’s design includes stainless steel reflectors that enhance the intensity of the UV light. This design ensures more comprehensive coverage of the working surface area within the chamber, leading to more effective sterilization.

Durable 304 Stainless Steel Trays:

It comes with high-quality 304 stainless steel trays, known for their durability. This material choice makes the trays resistant to corrosion and long-lasting, ideal for the sterilization of dental instruments.

99.9% Effectiveness in Decontamination:

The UV Chamber offers a 99.9% effectiveness rate in the decontamination of microbes, providing a highly reliable sterilization solution for dental practices.

Improved Visibility with UVC LED Light:

A UVC LED light is fixed within the chamber to improve visibility when removing instruments. This feature ensures that users can easily and safely access the sterilized instruments.

Maximum Storage Capacity:

Designed to maximize storage, the chamber can accommodate a significant number of sterilized dental instruments, making it suitable for busy dental practices.

Rust-Proof Design for Longevity:

The chamber’s rust-proof design enhances its durability, ensuring it withstands the demanding conditions of a dental practice environment.

Technical Specification

Chamber DimensionA – 12 Trays – 300 X 190 X 510mm.
 B – 15 Trays – 300 X 190 X 572mm.
Power Consumption8W UVC Tube
Power Supply220V 50Hz
Tray12 stainless steel trays

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The Dental UV Chamber is equipped with a high-quality Phillips UV-C Tube with a life of 8000 hours. This extended lifespan ensures long-term and efficient usage, providing a reliable solution for the decontamination of dental instruments.

The UV Chamber features a Magnetic strips door lock with an auto-cut off facility, ensuring safety during operation. This feature enhances user safety by automatically cutting off power when the chamber is opened, preventing accidental exposure to UV-C light.

The UV Chamber achieves enhanced intensity through stainless steel reflectors, providing more working surface area coverage. This feature ensures thorough decontamination of dental instruments and maximizes the effectiveness of the UV-C light for comprehensive sterilization.

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