NSK Physiodispensor Surgic AP 2

NSK Physiodispensor Surgic AP 2

NSK Physiodispensor Surgic AP 2


The NSK Surgic AP 2 represents a significant advancement in surgical micromotor systems, combining precision engineering with user-friendly features. This latest iteration of NSK’s renowned Surgic series boasts enhanced visibility, improved operability, and a more compact design, making it an ideal choice for dental professionals seeking efficiency and comfort in surgical procedures. The NSK Surgic AP 2 is a testament to NSK’s commitment to innovation and quality in dental surgery equipment. Its combination of advanced technology, ergonomic design, and user-friendly features make it a top choice for dental professionals looking to enhance their surgical capabilities.

NSK Physiodispensor Surgic AP 2
NSK Physiodispensor Surgic AP 2

Key Highlights

Improved Operability with Compact Motor:

– NSK’s proprietary micro-motor technology allows for a significant reduction in motor size.
– The center of gravity is closer to the handpiece head, enhancing operability and reducing strain during prolonged use.

Increased Maximum Torque:

– Maximum torque capability has been increased from 50 Ncm to 80 Ncm, ensuring greater comfort and efficiency during implant treatments.

Large-Color LCD Panel:

– Features a large, back-lit, high-contrast LCD panel with adjustable brightness levels.
– Intuitive icons on the display facilitate smooth operation.

Compact and Powerful Handpiece:

– The handpiece size has been reduced by 2mm compared to the previous model, improving visibility and accessibility in the oral cavity.
– The smaller handpiece size minimizes patient discomfort during procedures.

Silent and Smooth Irrigation Pump:

– The irrigation pump operates quietly, providing a consistent and steady flow.
– Simple and straightforward tube setup, integrated seamlessly into the Surgic AP2’s design.

User-Friendly Foot Control (FC-84):

– Incorporates wireless connectivity through Bluetooth® for flexible pedal positioning.
– Lighter design for easy adjustment and repositioning during procedures.

Technical Specification

Power SupplyAC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Max. Pump Output75 mL/min
Programs8 Programs / Implant Systems
DimensionsW 245 x D 235 x H 90 mm
Torque5-80 Ncm
Motor Speed200-40,000 min⁻¹
Light Power (Optic Micromotor)Over 32,000 LUX
Foot Control FunctionsCoolant Solution Flow Volume Button, PRG(Program) Button, Forward/Reverse Button, Speed Control Pedal

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NSK has enhanced operability by utilizing proprietary micro-motor technology, resulting in a more compact motor with a closer center of gravity to the handpiece head. This improves overall handling and reduces strain during extended use.

The Surgic AP2 boasts an increased maximum torque capability, now reaching up to 80 Ncm. This enhancement ensures greater comfort and efficiency, particularly during implant treatments.

The Surgic AP2 comes with a large, back-lit, high-contrast LCD panel with adjustable brightness levels. The intuitive icons on the display contribute to a smooth operation, providing essential information during procedures.

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