Endomotor- A boon in Endodontics

Dentists have been forming root canals with the use of hand instruments for many years. These techniques include a collection of endodontic files used in the Step Back method to prepare the root canal.

This is a time-consuming method that has been changed now. This new method is more effective with increased possibilities due to the advancement in technology and engineering.

Dental Endo Motors are pieces of equipment that allow mechanically driven files to be utilized during the endodontic treatment.

Endomotor- A boon in Endodontics

This allows the dentist to prepare the endodontic canals with improved speed and convenience. The endodontic motor is made up of a central body that controls the unit, a micro-motor, a contra-angle for various files, and sometimes a foot pedal that activates the function.

Endodontic equipment, on the other hand, is unlikely to be affected by the file system. Except for a reciprocating file system, we can use any Endomotor with any file system.

As a result, it is preferable to avoid hand instrumentation because it slows down and limits the amount of endodontic treatment that can be completed in a single day.  It is wise to switch on to an endo motor that provides steady speed and torque.

Criteria To Keep In Mind While Buying An EndoMotor:

When selecting an EndoMotor, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

  1. Accessible Programs:It usually have file variants of the same brand. So, depending upon the brand of the file system, we can consider buying the same manufacturer’s Endomotor. Advanced Endomotors, on the other hand, is compatible with all major brand file systems.
  2. Wireless or pedal Driven:
    Endomotor- A boon in EndodonticsMostly the endo motor should have the feature to save the time of the dentist as well as provide maximum flexibility to work in the clinic. The endo motors like NSK Endomate DT have the option of a wireless foot pedal. Depending upon convenience wireless or wired pedal-driven can be chosen. Whereas NSK Endomate TC2 comes completely wireless with a convenient on/off switch just near the thumb in the handpiece itself that allows the dental practitioner to work easily.
  3. Rotary or reciprocation:
    Endomotor- A boon in EndodonticsEndodontic motors (Endodontics Path Files, Endodontics Pro-taper Files, etc.) all have continuous rotary movement, although some have the Reciprocal Files or Wave One Files function.Rotary endodontics can offer superior results while reducing the possibility of procedural errors including file transposition inside the canal and root perforation.A major breakthrough happened with the release of the 4th generation rotary files. This was the use of reciprocating motion, which is perceived to be more powerful than continuous rotation.

The Advantages Of Using Reciprocating Files Are:

* Prolongs the life of the rotary instrument

* Reciprocation gives the same cutting quality as rotary

* Preservation of original canal anatomy

* Less time to shape the canals

* A lesser or equal amount of dentin crack formation is produced when compared to rotary motion.

Select a motor that allows you to alternate or reciprocate rotation if you want to employ alternating motion file systems. Alternating or reciprocating rotation is a feature found on the most modern endodontic motors. This feature is available with Woodpecker Endoradar Plus and Endoradar Pro with a range of reciprocation angles to choose from by the dentist depending on case to case.  

Significance of Speed and Torque:

Endomotor- A boon in Endodontics

An endo motor with speed and torque control is necessary, to have full control over the instrumentation. In endodontics, the normal speed range is between 150 to 650 rpm. Faster speeds have the better cutting ability but are more likely to cause separation and fracturing of the instrument.

For the past few years, the use of slow velocity and high torque has been the agreed instrumentation type. There are numerous iatrogenic problems that develop as a result of this combination of speed and torque. For slow speeds, the new reasoning is to use low torque instrumentation approaches. However, using an optimum (correct) torque would be far superior.

Because different file systems have different ideal torque levels, choose an endo motor with a lot of versatility in terms of speed and torque settings.  So, features like speed and torque control are important points when choosing your endo motor.

Auto- Stop, Forward, and Reverse:

Advanced endodontic motors have auto-functioning advantages that make them easier to use and lower the risk of operating error. Auto Stop, Auto Forward, and Auto Reverse are among the features included in the most recent endo motors. The auto-reverse feature shifts the rotation of the file in the opposite direction when the torque limit is reached. This helps in reducing the load on the rotary file to a great extent. When the additional weight is eliminated, the motor headpiece immediately returns to a typical forward rotation.

An endodontist can benefit greatly from the use of an endo motor.

Flexibility with File Systems:

Endomotor- A boon in Endodontics

An endo motor should be sufficiently versatile to be used with various rotary file systems.

Endo motor manufacturers usually recommend using their own files, although it is not required to ignore the necessity to utilize another brand’s file system.  So, choose an endo motor that is easily compatible with all major brand file systems. In Woodpecker Endoradar Plus, more than 30 commonly used file systems are saved, to save the time of the dentist.

Integrated with Apex Locator

An advanced Endomotor is capable of using two devices simultaneously to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of treatment. Like the endo motor, Endoradar Plus from the top-selling brand Woodpecker, it comes with an integrated apex locator to use simultaneously while performing the biomechanical preparation in the canal and keep a track of the file inside the canal to avoid any unwanted procedural errors. Now the upgraded version, Endoradar Pro from Woodpecker has also won the heart of the dentists due to its extra features and benefits to the dentist.


Choosing the correct motor-driven endodontic device, will increase your productivity and enhance your practice. Unicorn Denmart provides the most up-to-date new generation of dental endo motors at a very reasonable price. It is also available online on Best Dental Deals.

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