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V Max 1450 Suction


A wet line suction system with excellent suction performance of 1500 l/min and internal noise reduction system. It is 3 HP device with -25Kpa vacuum power and supports up to 6 chairs.

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Key Highlights

Wet line suction system.

High suction power, stable & concentrated.

Internal noise reduction system.

Use of frequency conversion technology, can adjust the flow according to the chairs that are actually being used

Technical Specification

Power (HP)3
Max Pumping (L/min)1500
Vacuum Degree (KPa)-22 ~ -25
Suitable ChairsUp to 6 Chair
Noise (dB)58~62

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The system has a power capacity of 3 HP. This higher power rating significantly enhances suction performance, making it suitable for efficiently serving up to 6 chairs simultaneously in a dental setup. The increased power ensures optimal suction for various dental procedures.

The vacuum degree range of -22 ~ -25 KPa provides a versatile suction capability, allowing the system to adapt to different procedural needs. This flexibility is crucial in catering to a variety of dental treatments, ensuring optimal suction power for diverse clinical requirements.

The system operates with a noise level of 58~62 dB, indicating relatively quiet performance. This contributes to a more comfortable and less disruptive environment in the dental clinic, creating a patient-friendly atmosphere while maintaining effective suction for dental procedures.

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