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V Max 1250 Suction


A wet line suction system with excellent aspiration power of 1000 l/min and internal noise reduction system for silent operations. It is 2 HP device with -21Kpa vacuum power and supports up to 4 chairs.

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Key Highlights

Wet line suction system .

High suction power, stable & concentrated.

Internal noise reduction system.

Use of frequency conversion technology, can adjust the flow according to the chairs that are actually being used.

Technical Specification

Power (HP)2
Max Pumping (L/min)1100
Vacuum Degree (KPa)-21 ~ -24
Suitable ChairsUp to 4 Chair
Noise (dB)57~62

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The system has a power capacity of 2 HP. This higher power rating contributes to enhanced suction performance, making it suitable for efficiently serving up to 4 chairs simultaneously in a dental setup.

The vacuum degree range of -21 ~ -24 KPa ensures versatile functionality, allowing the system to adapt to different suction requirements. This flexibility is essential in catering to various dental procedures and accommodating specific needs for optimal performance.

The noise level of 57~62 dB indicates relatively quiet operation, contributing to a more comfortable and less disruptive environment in the dental clinic. This ensures a patient-friendly atmosphere while providing effective suction for dental procedures.

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