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Woodpecker PT-3

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Inbuilt Scaler

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Woodpecker U6

Woodpecker D3 Non-Optic Scaler

Woodpecker D3 Non-Optic Scaler

An Ultrasonic Scaler is an intuitively designed electrical device that helps to remove plaque, calculus, and other types of deposits from the tooth surfaces with the help of high-frequency vibrations. 

Types of Ultrasonic Vibration:

Ultrasonic scalers convert electrical energy into mechanical energy that produces high-frequency vibrations through a mechanism called the piezoelectric mechanism.

The most commonly used mechanism for the ultrasonic scaler is the piezoelectric mechanism. The piezoelectric unit operates in the range of 25,000–50,000 cps (cycles per second).  The piezoelectric crystals are placed within the handpiece. When electricity passes through the crystals, it causes dimensional changes and causes high-frequency vibrations. The tip vibration is linear in direction. The piezoelectric crystals include crystal quartz, Rochelle salts, ceramics, etc.

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