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Tulip Digital LED Curing Light

Tulip Digital LED Curing Light


The Tulip Digital LED Curing Light has emerged as a preferred choice among Indian dentists, offering a blend of high curing efficiency and affordability. This light cure unit is designed to complement modern dentistry, enabling dental professionals to treat their patients more effectively and efficiently.

Tulip Digital LED Curing Light
Tulip Digital LED Curing Light
Tulip Digital LED Curing Light

Key Highlights

Lightweight Design:

The Tulip Digital LED Curing Light is notably lightweight, enhancing its ease of use. This design minimizes hand fatigue, making it suitable for extended dental procedures and improving overall handling comfort.

Ease of Handling:

Designed with user convenience in mind, the curing light is easy to handle. This feature allows for precise and controlled application, essential for effective curing of dental materials.

Simple Operation:

The unit is user-friendly and easy to operate, with an intuitive interface that simplifies the curing process. This simplicity ensures that dental professionals can focus on the treatment without worrying about complex equipment settings.

High Curing Efficiency:

The Tulip Digital LED Curing Light is known for its high curing efficiency. It effectively polymerizes dental materials in a shorter time, ensuring strong and durable restorations. This efficiency is crucial for a fast-paced dental practice, ensuring timely and effective patient care.

Technical Specification

Shell Handle MaterialAluminum
SizeDiameter 23 X 160mm
GradeOrdinary B Type Intermittent working
Working Voltage100-220V AC, 50-60HZ
GradeII IP40
ModeThree kinds of working mode (Alterability)
Working Volt4.2~4.5 volts
Electric Current0.7 amperes
Battery TypeIon
Battery Capacity1400mAh
Luminous Intensity1200mW/cm²; 5W

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The handle is made of Aluminum, and the device has dimensions of Diameter 23 X 160mm, weighing 160g, ensuring a lightweight and durable construction.

The device operates with a working voltage of 100-220V AC, 50-60HZ, and a working voltage range of 4.2~4.5 volts with an electric current of 0.7 amperes, providing flexibility and adaptability to different power sources.

The device is equipped with an Ion battery with a capacity of 1400mAh. It emits light in the wavelength range of 420-480nm with a luminous intensity of 1200mW/cm²; the light source is a 5W output, ensuring efficient performance during dental procedures.

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