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NSK Endo Mate DT Endo Motor

NSK Endo Mate DT Endo Motor


The NSK Endo-Mate DT is a smart and reliable dental endodontic motor that offers the flexibility of pedal-free operation to maintain hygiene. Its ultra-slim and compact handpiece, easy access to the last molar region, and a wide range of speed and torque Control with auto-reverse functionality can enhance the quality of your root canal treatment.

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Key Highlights

Innovative and User-Centric Design:

It combines smart technology with portability, featuring an ultra-slim and compact handpiece.

Intelligent Memory Function:

Customizable Settings: The ENDO-MATE DT can memorize exact speed and torque settings for up to 9 Ni-Ti files from all major suppliers.

Versatile Auto-Reverse Modes: Features three working modes – auto-reverse on, auto-stop, and auto-reverse off, enhancing procedure safety and efficiency.

Responsive Torque Control:

The motor reacts promptly when the load reaches the preset torque level, providing an additional layer of control and safety during procedures.

Pedal-Free and Foot Control Operation:

Offers flexibility with an on-off switch for pedal-free operation.

Optional Foot Control: An additional foot control unit is available, catering to different operational preferences.

Dual Power Supply:

Ensures full portability with a two-way power supply, either AC or battery-driven, making it suitable for various clinical environments.

Push Type Ultra Miniature Head:

Allows quick and easy file exchange during procedures, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Its compact design offers excellent visibility, crucial for precise treatment.

Quick Joint Mechanism:

Features a quick-release system for effortless head exchange.

Maintains excellent visibility of the treatment spot, even in challenging positions.

Adjustable Head Angles:

Six head angles can be adjusted depending on the treatment site position, providing optimal access and visibility.

Convenient Foot Pedal:

Micromotor on/off operation can be activated via a finger switch on the micromotor.

Enhances control and reduces manual handling during procedures.

User-Friendly Flat Panel:

The flat control panel is designed for simple and intuitive operation.

Clear Liquid Crystal Display: The wide screen offers high visibility, ensuring easy monitoring and adjustment of settings.

Comprehensive Package:

The complete set includes the Control Unit, Motor and Cord, MP-F20R Head (20:1), Handpiece Stand, and AC Adaptor.

Technical Specification

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ENDO-MATE DT stands out with its innovative and user-centric design, combining smart technology, portability, and a compact handpiece. It is ideal for dentists prioritizing precision, flexibility, and ease of use.

The ENDO-MATE DT’s Intelligent Memory Function allows customizable settings, memorizing exact speed and torque settings for up to 9 Ni-Ti files. With versatile auto-reverse modes, it enhances procedure safety and efficiency, providing dentists with optimal control.

The ENDO-MATE DT features a push-type ultra-miniature head for quick file exchange, a quick joint mechanism for effortless head exchange, adjustable head angles for optimal access, and a convenient foot pedal for micromotor on/off operation. The user-friendly flat panel with a clear LCD ensures easy monitoring, and the comprehensive package includes the Control Unit, Motor and Cord, MP-F20R Head (20:1), Handpiece Stand, and AC Adaptor.

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