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Dynamic Portable Dental Chair

Dynamic Portable Dental Chair With Unit And Stool


The Dynamic Portable Dental Chair is designed for versatility and convenience in various dental settings. Lightweight yet sturdy, this portable dental chair is an ideal solution for practices requiring mobility without compromising on patient comfort and safety.

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Key Highlights

Lightweight and Sturdy Construction:

  • The chair is constructed to be both lightweight and sturdy, making it easy to transport while being reliable enough to support dental procedures.

High Weight Capacity for Patient Safety:

  • Comfortably and safely accommodating patients up to 135 kg, the chair ensures stability and support for a wide range of patient sizes.

Adjustable Back for Patient Comfort:

  • The back of the chair can be adjusted from an upright position to a supine position, providing flexibility for various dental procedures and enhancing patient comfort.

Variable Seat Height:

  • The chair’s seat height is adjustable from 8 inches to 22 inches, allowing for customization to the dentist’s and patient’s needs, ensuring both comfort and ergonomic benefit.

Durable and Protective Padded Case:

  • The Dynamic Portable Dental Chair comes with a strong padded case, offering protection during transportation and storage, thus extending the chair’s lifespan.

Compact Folded Dimensions:

  • When folded, the chair has dimensions of 890 x 590 x 550 mm, making it compact and easy to store in limited spaces.

Retractable Handle for Easy Transportation:

  • A retractable handle enhances the chair’s portability, allowing for convenient transportation to different locations, such as mobile clinics or remote dental services.

Incorporated LED Light, Cuspidor, and Tray:

  • The chair includes an LED light, cuspidor, and tray, making it a comprehensive, portable solution for dental practitioners. These features add to the practicality and functionality of the chair in various dental scenarios.

Technical Specification

TypeDynamic Portable Dental Chair
Construction MaterialLightweight & sturdy
Weight CapacityComfortable & safe for up to 135 kg
Back AdjustmentAdjusts from upright to spine position
Seat Height AdjustmentAdjustable height from 8” to 22”
PortabilityComes in a strong padded case
Folded Dimensions890X590X550 mm
Retractable HandleYes, for convenient transportation
Additional FeaturesWith LED light, Cuspidor & Tray together, portable & practical

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Yes, the chair comes in a strong padded case with folded dimensions of 890X590X550 mm, and it features a retractable handle for convenient transportation.


The chair is designed to be comfortable and safe for individuals weighing up to 135 kg.

Yes, the chair provides flexibility with features such as an adjustable back that can be positioned from upright to spine position and an adjustable seat height ranging from 8” to 22”. Additionally, it comes equipped with LED light, Cuspidor, and Tray for a portable and practical dental setup.

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