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Dynamic Compressor Suction System DAS001

Dynamic Compressor
Suction DAS001

Gnatus BioQualy 3HP Air Compressor

Gnatus BioQualy 3HP Air Compressor

Dental Air compressor is the soul for every dental clinic. Dental Compressors work by compressing environmental air, reducing the vapor pressure and produce clean, sterilized and compressed air, which can be used for working of dental chairs.  In dental industry, mainly Oil-free dental compressors are preferred.

Unicorn denmart has collaboration with one of the leading dental chair compressors that is, Gnatus compressors.

Gnatus Compressors have a modern and ergonomic design which is Super quiet. It is designed in such a way to provide compressed air for both clinical and laboratory use. It has a stable performance, high flow capacity, low energy consumption and is free from oil or smoke emission, vapours or unpleasant odours.

The presence of pressure gauge (manometer) on the top helps to measure the tank pressure, outlet pressure, outlet pressure regulator with air filter and water drains which controls the outflow rate and accumulated water in the tank.

Companionship with Safety System with valve that starts running for pressure release if there is any failure from the pressure switch and overload shield in order to protect the equipment from overheating.

One of the attracting features of Gnatus compressors are they require fewer filter changes and are much more likely to regularly and reliably produce clean and dry air than oil-lubricated compressors and is present in underfollowing capacity that is 32 L, 40 L, 65 L and 150 L. The capacity determines the number of chairs with which the compressor can function.

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