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Dental CAM Suction is used to draw out dust from milling machines. Zirconia dust is a fine powder that necessitates sophisticated filtering in the dental laboratory or office to improve air quality. So, CAM suctions are specially designed to collect dust or milled Zirconia particles from milling machines.

The most crucial aspect is a properly sealed and piped suction system.

During the milling of Zirconia, very fine specks of dust are produced. So, for this, CAD CAM Suction machine dental is used to especially filter the zirconia dust.

This is owing to the materials’ properties and the construction of most mill compartments. It’s recommended that you give your mill a little additional suction to maintain it clean on the inside.

Flow is a crucial concern when constructing a functional suction system, which may seem counterintuitive. If you run a pipe to your workstations that is too little, your suction will be limited and if you run a pipe that is too huge, the stations farthest from the dust collector will lack power.

This is a common problem in many labs, as you’ll see things like stations that don’t get adequate power when other stations are operating, and so on. While functioning, the goal should be to give an equal amount of suction to each station.

  • Silent in Operation/ Very low noise
  • Longer Service Life
  • Bag-free dust collection
  • No follow-up cost
  • Uninterrupted Working
  • Compact Design

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