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BeSmile Aconia SHT 3D Multilayer Zirconia


SHT 3D MULTILAYER, positioned under the tagline “Create the best smile with the highest flexibility,” represents a significant leap in dental zirconia technology. The Aconia SHTML 3D Multilayer disc incorporates the latest advancements in dental materials, making it a versatile and highly effective solution for a wide range of dental applications. This product stands out for its consistent shrinkage rate, superior aesthetics, and exceptional strength. Its unique ability to offer seamless transitions in translucency, strength, and shade enables the creation of natural-looking dental restorations, from dentin to enamel.

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Key Highlights

Integrated Cutting-Edge Technologies:

  • It combines advanced technologies into one disc, suitable for all dental indications.
  • Ensures consistent performance and reliability in various dental restoration procedures.

Even Shrinkage Rate, Supreme Aesthetics, and Super Strength:

  • Offers a uniform shrinkage rate, enhancing the precision of restorations.
  • Supreme aesthetic qualities and superior strength ensure long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Seamless Transition in Translucency, Strength, and Shade:

  • Creates a natural effect from dentin to enamel, ensuring restorations blend seamlessly.
  • Ideal for achieving a natural-looking gradient in dental prosthetics.

Wide Range of Shades:

  • Offers 16 VITA classical shades and 3 bleach shades, catering to diverse patient needs.
  • Provides extensive options for perfect color matching.

All-In-One Solution – ‘Release Your Stock with Aconia Latest All-In-One SHTML!’:

  • Simplifies the inventory for dental laboratories, reducing the need for multiple products.
  • An all-in-one solution that addresses various dental restoration requirements.

Technical Specification

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Its integration of cutting-edge technologies, offering supreme aesthetics, strength, and an even shrinkage rate, sets it apart as a flexible and comprehensive solution for dental restorations.

Yes, it is designed for versatility, making it suitable for all dental indications, from simple fillings to complex prosthetics.

The availability of 16 VITA classical shades and 3 bleach shades allows for precise color matching, catering to individual patient preferences and ensuring aesthetically pleasing results.

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