Ureka Dental Chair


The Runyes Ureka Dental Chair embodies a blend of style, versatility, and cutting-edge technology, making it a perfect companion for dentists. It reflects Runyes’ commitment to innovative product development, integrating sleek design elements with functionality to enhance the diagnosis and treatment experience.

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Key Highlights

  • Innovative Design: Stylish and reliable, designed to be a dentist’s ideal companion.
  • Suction Delay Function: Both strong and weak suctions include a delay function to prevent pipeline blockage.
  • Adjustable Headrest: Multi-angle, easily adjustable for patient comfort.
  • Rotatable Handrail: Offers vertical movement, providing easy access for patients.
  • Safety Features: Includes a linkage mechanism and chair lifting safety protection system.
  • Solid Construction: One-piece 20mm thick steel plate for a stable center of gravity and enhanced stabilization.
  • Hygienic Hanging Rack: Damping-type design reduces equipment fall risk.
  • Improved Air Brake Handle: Enhanced structure for better grip and maneuverability.
  • Premium Comfort: Options for high-end sofa or imported leather upholstery.
  • Versatile Hanger: Rotates 90° inside and outside, with tilt capability for easy operation.
  • Stable Base: A substantial chassis base supports up to 180kg, ensuring chair stability.
  • User-Friendly: Features a removable instrument tray and bilateral pneumatic control for ambidextrous operation.
  • Efficient Operation: Streamlined process with optional fashionable waist headrest, surgical lamp, and a versatile assistant rack system.
  • Advanced Disinfection: Optional state-of-the-art disinfection system for comprehensive hygiene.

Technical Specification

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The Runyes Ureka Dental Chair is designed with patient comfort and practitioner convenience in mind. Key features include ergonomic design, adjustable headrest and armrests, multi-function foot control, and an integrated LED operating light. The chair also offers seamless integration with various dental instruments and accessories, enhancing overall functionality and efficiency during dental procedures.

To maintain and clean the Runyes Ureka Dental Chair, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines which typically include regular cleaning with non-abrasive disinfectants, checking and lubricating mechanical parts as needed, and scheduling professional maintenance checks annually. Proper maintenance ensures the chair’s optimal performance and extends its lifespan.

Yes, the Runyes Ureka Dental Chair is highly customizable. It can be configured with various options for upholstery colors, integrated dental unit components, and additional features such as built-in cameras and advanced patient positioning systems. This allows dental practitioners to tailor the chair to their specific needs and clinic aesthetics.

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